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Artizen Food Service

Artizen Food Service is a company that specialises in creating and producing built-in electric induction kitchen units with high-energy savings and low operating costs, through our manufacturing partners

A specialised team of consultants study and analyse the specific requirements in order to create customised solutions with appliances that have one-of-a-kind performances. Heko's built-in kitchen unit technology revolutionises the kitchen workplace thanks to its computer-managed superb energy performance, in addition to its shape and materials which ensure maximum hygiene.

Heko's built-in kitchen units guarantee robustness and reliability due to their reinforced structures, 5-mm thick stainless steel hobs and high-quality electronic components. Heko is a standard-bearer for energy savings and eco-friendliness.

The Heko built-in kitchen units are a combination of electronic and mechanical technology which, when combined with the ingenuity and intuition of our designers, make these appliances a credit to the `Made in Italy` brand.
Team of specialists

Walo Glass & Dishwasher are again designed with both energy and performance at the forefront.
Thanks to the innovative DRYING SYSTEM (D.S.) with fan belt baskets and integrated
REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM (R.O.S.) capable of providing excellent water quality,
the glass washers ensures thorough cleaning and excellent drying.
The line is equipped with the STEAM RECOVERY SYSTEM (S.R.S.), which completely eliminates the steam created during the wash cycle and rinse cycle,
contributing significantly to raise the working environment health standards.
WINE BAR range offers the possibility to integrate the WATER
HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM (H.R.S.), which ensures significant energy savings and thus
lower operating costs.

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