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BlueCats' innovative NOW solution is changing the table delivery game.

The BlueCats `NOW` guest positioning solution (GPS) assists your staff in locating guests fast and efficiently, so food can be delivered fresh....

Searching for guests when delivering food can be frustrating and result in a poor guest experience if meals are not delivered fast and fresh. The BlueCats `Now` Guest Positioning Solution (GPS) takes all of the guess work out of the location of guests within your venue, and streamlines the efficiency of your staff.

When guests order their meal simply hand them a Smart Table Flag and allow them to wander your venue and find their preferred seating or standing location. When their order is ready, staff can simply view the guests location from the venue floor plan, or a list, displayed on any device with a web browser.

Choose from three technologies
Zonal - Locate a guest within a few meters of where they are seated or standing
Table Level - Locate a guest by table Number
Precise - Using our Ultra Wide-Band technology, find a guests location within an inch!

Swing by our booth to see this and other innovative Bluetooth enabled solutions to improve the efficiency of your venue - both front and back of house.

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