Exhibiting at the Bar Tech Live is an award winning, industry recognised, marketing software company that provides hospitality professionals with a truly unique, all-in-one, multi-channel marketing platform.

We combine automated marketing with a comprehensive range of innovative e-marketing and print communication features that facilitate the delivery of professional and targeted communications to a business` customer base.

We enable restaurateurs to effectively and efficiently communicate with their database in order to achieve the maximum value from each customer and attain exceptional ROI from their marketing budget.

Our software empowers restaurateurs by enabling them to focus on four key areas of concern: customer acquisition, customer engagement, customer conversion and customer retention.

With, we give you access to a range of innovative features that will enable you to:

• Generate brand awareness
• Reward loyalty
• Communicate when it matters most
• Engage with your locality
• Cross and upsell
• Profile your customers
• Create personalised experiences for each customer
• Capture customer data
• Track engagement, analyse behaviour and segment data to create targeted physical and digital marketing campaigns
• Create offers and incentives that motivate customers
• Drive direct bookings
• Create brand ambassadors
• Create surveys and take more control of reviews
• Monitor real-time interactions of marketing campaigns

HOW DOES IT WORK? provide everything you need rolled into one easy-to-use SaaS platform, giving you the tools you need to grow your business, engage with your database and increase your revenue.

With a standard package giving you access to innovative features that enable you to create and send intelligent emails, digital newsletters, direct mail, automated communications, surveys, SMS, letters, and monitor in-depth, real-time analytical reports, you will have the ability to stay connected with your customers and prospective customers, keep them informed with relevant content, create personalised incentives and offers, generate repeat business and constantly develop your understanding of consumer behaviour.

With innovation at the core of our business, we also give you the opportunity to enhance your offering by accessing our exciting range of additional features, including: personalised video, promotional videos and responsive websites.


Find out why are recommended by the AA and why our software is trusted by 100s of businesses. Talk to our team at stand 8120, call us 0344 800 84 24 or visit to discuss what we can do for you.

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