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Carving Labs

Carving Labs leverages Apple Pay/Android Pay/Samsung Pay that come natively
installed on devices. Consumers use them to save and store train tickets, coupons, loyalty
& store cards and now payment card, with no app to download.

1/ How it works for the brand?

Deliver personalized offers in your customers`native wallet and create a powerful mobile marketing channel with no technical development.

2/ Benefits for the brand:

ACQUIRE NEW CUSTOMERS: broadcast your mobile coupons or cards and enable your customers to add them in just 2 clicks in their mobile wallet via any touch points: email, text message, social media, website, POS, etc.
60% of customers of iPhone clickers taps the "save to my phone" button in the mail.

RETAIN: Stay live in your customers` mobile phone thanks to the ease of storage.
No app to download and unmatched retention rate (90% for mobile coupon and loyalty card).

BOOST IN-STORE: Stay top of mind with your customers and convert in stores thanks to push notifications & geofencing alerting. Up to 50% conversion in store.

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