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Boost your profit by controlling cost and waste with actionable real time insights based on your data.

DataProfit Insights is an "all in one" data analytics and insights platform which is specifically designed for the food and beverage market, allowing your business to make changes that will positively influence your profit and processes.

Using a comprehensive set of predictive and prescriptive actionable business insights, the platform will allow you to make real time decisions based on all your data, improving the predictability of the forecasts and the understanding of the costs that can be influenced.

The out of the box insights (amongst others) will give you the ability to optimise labour across sites, reduce waste and ultimately enhance profit. We solve the data problem with our platform and will use all necessary existing data via our unique DataProfit Collector and present it back to you in an insightful and analytical way, providing real time insights and benchmarking across all stores.

Being a true SaaS product, the setup time is minimal. We can have you up and running in a few days, and with no consultancy fees and a low cost of entry subscription, our goal of maximising your profit can be achieved quickly and simply!

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