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Eden Agency

We create artificially intelligent chatbots and engaging digital solutions.

It`s an incredibly exciting time in digital. Advancements in artificial
intelligence are enabling us as creators to build new and powerful
consumer products, whilst at the same time readily available VR
headsets are increasing appetite for more intimate engagement.
The proliferation of messaging apps has made it as normal to
communicate with our favourite brands as it has to speak to our
friends. The advent of smart homes and imminent arrival of driverless
cars has made it more and more common to speak to previously
inanimate objects as if they were as sentient as you or me.

While the worlds largest technology providers (Google, Facebook,
Microsoft and Amazon) are arming us with the platforms to allow
creators to leverage incredibly powerful artificial intelligence, some
of the biggest brands are already implementing chatbots and virtual
assistants into their services and marketing efforts. This paradigm
shift in thinking from app to well-executed bot is already moving
consumer perceptions of bots away from `annoying automated
telephone help desk` toward `slick task-based effectiveness`.

People are relying more and more on their own personal assistants
to perform tasks by uttering words like `OK Google`, `Hey Siri`
and `Alexa...`. The companies who are providing these assistants
are realising the potential of the worlds development community
to expand the capabilities of their AI with brand integrations and
interactions. Any lag in the enabling of these integrations can have a
very real affect on the sale of consumer electronic devices. An Uber
customer might consider the ability to hail an Uber taxi by voice when
purchasing their next mobile device.

This bot revolution is still a very young one but it`s one which will
grow in demand and acceptance by consumers and businesses alike.
While tech giants clamber to attract developers to their platforms,
more and more electronic consumer devices are integrating with
these artificial intelligences. The opportunity for brands to become
integral parts to consumer lives is more real than ever before.

We're Eden and we're ready to engage your customers and satisfy
their demands by means of chatbots and virtual assistants while giving
you advice on effective marketing and implementation strategy.

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