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FoodMama Ltd

The ultimate menu companion, FoodMama brings food and beverage menus together in one application so that a user can search, browse, filter and discover the best dishes around and where they are being served.

FoodMama is a revolutionary application that enables users to browse and interact with menus like never before. Users can explore places to eat and drink, view dish images, understand ingredients and utilise allergen and dietary filters to find exactly what they can want from any menu, wherever they may be. A powerful dining companion, FoodMama also translates menus at the touch of the screen, split bills between patrons and understand the nutritional value of dishes so anyone can order with confidence and master any menu.

Key features include:
Allergy and dietary filter
Bill splitter and tip calculator
Calorie counter
Deals and offers
Feedback and ratings
Ingredient encyclopaedia
Location search
Multi-language translation
Nutritional information
Search by location, area, cuisine, venue name

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