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gistLondon is transforming employee education in hospitality. Offering courses, workshops and other business solutions designed to improve the employee-brand congruency, talent retention and acquisition and ultimately, to support long-term business performance growth through education.

London's first independent hospitality academy to include major soft-skills within its syllabus.

Our courses and workshops cover;

* Personal development
* Emotional Intelligence
* Coaching on the job
* Supervisions and management toolkit
* Financial reporting and analysis
* Team work and communications
* Inspirational education opportunities
* People strategy within an organisation

We believe hospitality training needs an innovative new approach. gistLondon is the first hospitality training academy to take a 360° view of leadership development, devoting equal time to mastering the principles of management psychology and emotional intelligence alongside essential business best practice. Delivered by experts, our training courses will equip you with the skills you need to unlock your potential and excel within the hospitality industry.

Our courses are designed to support you through your journey, from securing your first role in hospitality to becoming a leader in your workplace.

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