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Repeat customers account for at least 30% of a restaurants revenue and if a business increases repeat visits by just 5%, they have the potential of increasing profits from 25%-125%.

However, there is a very important segment of the customers during their visit to the restaurants that is not being addressed. These are the customers who are 'waiting to get served'. As a result, restaurants lose valuable time which then reduces their potential opportunity to maximise on table turnaround rate, profits and improved customer service.

How can waiters serve customers who are waiting when all waiters are busy serving others? How long does a customer have to wait before they are served? This is a problem area that is not addressed within the restaurant industry and it has not been addressed sufficiently.

The other problem area is how can the customer catch the attention of the waiter before, during and after their meal? especially if the waiter is busy? Currently, customers shout, wave, stand up, stop eating all together. There are certain methods out there such as buttons being placed on the tables but these buttons malfunction, run out of battery and even get stolen or misused by children.

Other problems areas are how restaurants keep track of their:
Food orders? Loyalties? Reviews? Payments? and Performance?

Currently there are some solutions but all these solutions are provided by various companies with various apps, programmes, softwares at costly prices. There not an all in one smart solution.

Its time to experience true control, real simplicity, its time for SmartServe!

SmartServe is a fully integrated system that has multi function abilities that will WOW guests, staff on the floor, kitchen as well as the management.

How it works:

Step 1: Guests simply scan the QR Bar Code or simply type the name of the restaurant followed by the table number.

Step 2: Now that guests have full access to the menu on their phones, they can order what they want straight to the Kitchen. This means the customer skips the waiting around and the business saves time and continues making money by virtually taking an order from the customer.

Step 3: if guests want to speak to a waiter, they can now do so using the SmartCall button within the app. Waiter will be notified through our SmartServe Watches via vibration that the customer has requested a service.

Features of the App:

- Full menu ordering
- Online takeaway
- Reservations
- Waiter calling
- Reviews
- Loyalty
- Order History
- Payment
- Advertisement
- Monitoring and statistical reports

Features of the Watch:

- Can be used as a normal smartwatch with full watch capabilities
- Synchronises to the app and kitchen/bar tablet
- Comes with an ear piece so waiters can communicate as a 2 way radio with other waiters wearing the watch.

Features of the kitchen Pad
- Receives all orders made through the app
- Synchronises to the smartwatch

Restaurants get all the information they need to make smarter decisions and plan for the future.

We are Restaurant Technology Experts and SmartServe is the best virtual multi task waiter app to manage orders and connect everyone together even at the busiest periods and much more.

Through SmartServe a business can maximise table turnaround, maximise profits, mitigate valuable time wasting as well as focus on giving their customers a first class customer service experience all the time, every time.

In addition, SmartServe boosts productivity, gives freedom to the kitchen without wasting valuable time whilst allowing the management team to receive live monitoring and statistical reports and updates regarding the performance of their service.

SmartServe ultimately gives the customers full control of their dining experience from the onset to make it more convenient, pleasurable and fun.

SmartServe`s objective is to give full control to diners of their dining experience and connect everyone through our SmartServe Technology.

Global Source Group`s team of specialists tailor SmartServe to each and individual business so that SmartServe is uniquely designed for them.

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