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Long Range Systems UK Ltd

LRS Table Tracker is the leading restaurant take-to-table delivery solution available in the world today. Used throughout the UK in Garden Centre's, Leading high street brands and corporates like MOD Pizza the Tracker increases efficiencies and customer service to new levels. LRS Tracker takes the runner to the exact table, unlike all other solutions that only offer 'zone' defined areas which is usually quite inaccurate.

David Condliffe Group Hospitality Manager at M&S recently commented 'Table Tracker has really helped not only with speed of service but by identifying where we can probe speed of service and make informed decisions with additional resource or cooking equipment. Before table Tracker this would have been purely anecdotal. Now we can make investment choices based on facts'.

LRS UK is launching the new Tracker Basic - a new low cost solution for restaurants with around 30 tables which breaks the price barrier worldwide for tracker solutions. Now everyone can afford this incredible technology.

On show is the new LRS guest paging system with unique 'acknowledgement mode'. This ensures that if a customer is out of range that the paging system knows, and will retry until received. When the message is received, the guest pager replies confirming that the message is delivered. On competitive paging solutions if the customer is out of range then the customer will not get the recall and your tables will remain unseated! No other supplier of guest or customer paging has this technology. LRS today offers the most sophisticated and advanced customer recall system available and anything else is simply old technology dressed up to look good.

LRS supplies ALL two way radios and we supply some of the largest operators here in the UK. Our buying power enables us to supply radios for a better pricing structure than nearly all companies. Drop by the stand to see the latest offers.

LRS On-Cue will be on demonstration which is a free iPad application to manage tables and includes a fully functional wait-list suitable for any restaurant. The solution also supports paging systems and SMS messaging at low cost compared to other solutions. Visit our stand to learn more.

LRS is often asked which epos and KDS solutions we are compatible with. We partner with Tevalis who support all LRS solutions but the list of equipment that supports LRS innovations includes:

* Tevalis
* QSR Automations
* Logwood
* Zonal
* AlohaEnterprises (NCR)
* Micros Fidelio
* DigitalDining
* Guest Bridge
* POSitouch
* ProHost
* SoftTouch
* Squirrel Systems
* XpientSolutions
* Guest Innovations
* Bematech
* NGeneration

From the above list, if you operate ANY of those solutions we can supply our equipment at probably lower cost and higher quality including LRS innovations not found on any other competitive equipment.

LRS will be showing other technologies that are used throughout restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other sectors.

Lastly LRS has new announcements of products at the show that could change the way you operate forever. Please do visit our stand.

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