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Menuo is the digital menu solution to help you better organise your business by enabling you to replace your traditional paper menus with tablet menus. Our mission from the very beginning was to provide business owners of restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, bars etc. with an easy to use, user friendly menu management system that hosts your digital menu and uploads it to as many tablets as you want.

What are the benefits of using the Menuo solution?

- Good for any business: restaurant, coffee shop, bar, pub, hotel etc.
- Web based management. You connect with your browser to your admin panel, and you can update your menu at any time.
- Multi-language option, it gives you the opportunity to offer a multi-language menu to your customers.
- Right from the moment you offer images and more quality content in your menu, your sales will be increased by 15%.
- Our app is not internet dependent, meaning it works without an internet connection, thus your menus will be working without interruptions.
- You can setup the menu for different events like: Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, New Year, etc.
- Or You can customise it with your own brand identity elements. Logo, colours, fonts, you name it!
- We offer you, right from the start, a free website, so your customers will always know your location, contact details, and of course, your menu.

The management system is accessible from the comfort of your chair by opening your web browser and visiting to login to your admin panel. Once logged in you'll be able to administrate your menu using the following built-in features:

Add/Edit/Remove Features

- Edit your main categories titles, short descriptions and display order. By default main categories include Food, Desert, Drinks and Todays Menu.
- After accessing one of the main categories, you'll be able to add additional subcategories for event better organisation. For example the Food category can include Breakfast, Soup, Salad, Pizza, Barbecue etc.. Subcategories can be reorder as well.
- Once you access a subcategory you can easily add products that will belong that subcategory. The information regarding each product can include title, description (this can be any text you'd like), estimated arrival time (so customers will know when their food is ready), price and of course, a photo gallery of the product, so your customers will know exactly what they are ordering. Products can be reorder as well.

Enable/Disable categories at specific time periods

This will give you the possibility of hiding or displaying subcategories at a specified period range for each of them. For example, you might want to hide the "Breakfast" subcategory when its well passed breakfast hours and you're not serving it anymore.

Multi-language system

Our admin dashboard allows you to display your menu to your customers in multiple languages. No more time consuming situations where you have to print your menu multiple times for each language or your employees have to verbally translate each item in your menu to your foreign customers. Easily manage every language related content of your menu for each language you want, for as many languages as you want, using our multi-language system.


Change the theme of your menu to accommodate for specific holidays and special events, or make a request for a custom made theme that suits the theme of your location. Our designers are at your service to make sure the theme meets the vision you have on the look and fell of your digital menu.

Update to tablets

Once you're done managing your menu, provided you have installed our Android app on all of your tablets, you can upload your menu contents to them. The app on each tablet will begin to auto-update the new menu data. This will require the tablets to be connected to the internet before the update is made, but after the update, all the contents, including product images, will be saved locally on each tablet. This means your devices will not require a constant internet connection to run our app. You'll have one less worry on your hands and the tablets will consume less battery, lasting at least a full day!


Our app includes a built-in, lightweight search engine that allows your customers to quickly search for exactly what they're looking for. This means your customers spend a lot less time searching for what they want in multiple languages compared to looking carefully through each page of a traditional paper menu.

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