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Ordoo is the UK's leading mobile ordering platform. Customers can order ahead to beat the queue and earn loyalty rewards. Our Customer Engagement Platform enables you to understand and engage your customers so they come back more frequently and bring their friends.

The idea for Ordoo originated from a stressfully busy lunch break. I was grabbing a quick coffee from my favorite spot and got stuck at the back of a 15-minute queue.

I was so bored that I started to read some research on my smartphone at the back of the queue. My research at the time was on Digital Payments and, as I read this particular article, it struck me that the future of digital payments was mobile payments and mobile ordering.

I should be able to send my pre-paid order from my smartphone to the venue and collect it when they let me know it`s ready. This would save me loads of time and remove the payment and ordering steps in their operations!

So, Ordo was born. It`s not a spelling mistake. The company has changed names from Ordo to Ordable, before settling on Ordoo. Lots have changed since that day - it`s an exciting journey and it would be great to share it with some more passionate coffee shop owners!

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