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Planday is simple employee scheduling software for shift-based businesses. Designed to help hospitality managers improve their efficiency, it allows them to communicate with staff, gather information on availability, then create, edit and distribute rotas, all with an easy-to-use mobile app.

As well as the above, Planday also incorporates lots of other smart features that make managing hourly workers much more straightforward:

Punch clock facility to easily track who worked when
Integrates with leading EPOS software for smarter scheduling
Automatically tracks how much holiday employees have accrued
Integrates with leading payroll software for trouble-free, accurate payroll

But that`s not all. As well as making managers` lives easier, Planday is loved by employees, too. The app functions like a pocket intranet, allowing for easy information sharing and keeping everyone in the loop. Employees can use it to share availability and swap shifts, which allows them to work when they want, and with whom they want, ensuring they stay happy and productive.

Businesses all across the the world already use Planday to save time on administration and employee scheduling. In fact, Planday customers routinely report cutting their admin time by 75% and saving an average of 5% on payroll.

`Planday enables managers and staff to work together. It`s very easy to manage HR, scheduling and payroll as everything is gathered in one place which also strengthens the communication across different locations and job positions.`

Charlotte Whiting, Head Office Manager, Polpo.

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