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Reloyalty is a smart loyalty coalition built for the mobile generation.

We help businesses create loyalty programmes within an universal loyalty network. Every customers receives personal rewards with high perceived value, rewarded automatically at the moment of payment and presented as a call for action directly on their mobile phone.

Our technology rewards customers based on profitability and how valuable they are for your business by recognising how often they visit, how much they spend, are they among your top clients as well as how much indirect value they bring such as do they come with friends, are they recommending your business and are they influential to their peers in social media to generate new clients. You can set incentives to stimulate desired behaviour based on your business goals.

This creates engaging and personal loyalty, which stimulates more activity and creates community around your business.

Among the things you can do on Reloyalty:

Stimulating progression by setting achievement rewards:
- Reward Nth transaction
- Reward given amount spent

Stimulate achieving of higher status by creating levels:
- Create loyalty tiers to recognize your top 20%
- Stimulate competition among your clients to maintain their status

Create incentives for people to bring friends by setting collective rewards:
- Reward specified groups or segments
- Incentivise people to come in groups

Create contextual and time based incentives:
- Specific time slots for specific groups of people
- Periodic campaigns

Incentivise social media promotions:
- Stimulate mentions on Facebook
- Stimulate activity on Foursquare

Identify key segments and incentivise activity:
- Observe which are the most active consumer groups
- Open promotions to desired groups

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