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SmoothMenu to aid the restaurateur with an advanced digital menu, not just restaurateur but Bar owner, Diner, café, tea shops and even exclusive extraordinary events.

Giving your customers access to your menu through the `On Table Device`, along with the `At Table` device for your serving staff to take table orders.

So, with SmoothMenu it allows Restaurants, Diners, Bars, Café and many other eateries to operate more efficiently and to bring the latest digital menu technology experience for staff and Customers alike.

The use of modern Android Devices Using KitKat 4.4.2 and above ensures a low-cost entry point into `on Table` and `At Table` ordering systems.

Simple to use and has plenty of options that will enable you to:

Use with either Ala carte menus or All You Can Eat menus.
Switch Languages.
Work with multi-site menus (restaurant chain for example).
Manage Stop Sales.
Set Timed pricing.
Set timed orders for All You Can Eat Menus
Set order limits for All You Can Eat Menus
Manage Kitchen and Bar Orders.
Set Local Overrides.
Work Offline (except customer mobile version).
Easily swap out devices that are broken or un-useable maintaining order integrity.
Use a Cloud server (hosted and Managed by Smooth Menu) to store and control menus, orders and all reporting functions.
POS integration. (On request)
Split the bill if required for the customers. (equal or on individual customer orders).

With SmoothMenu there are eight operating modes and they are:

Customer Mode - 'On Table' devices allow customers to build their order using images & text descriptions even in their own language

Waiter Mode - 'At Table' device allows waiting staff to take table order, with option to allow customers to view and pre-view order selection.

Kitchen Mode - Why not remove the order printer from your kitchen and use a tablet device to process and control order preparation.

Bar Mode - Allow the bar to interact with drinks orders, and manage the entire process through a tablet device.

Call Monitoring - Monitor all calls from customers, kitchen and bar staff.

Mobile Customer - Let your customer use their own Smart mobile to order 'On Table'.

Mobile Waiter - Smart phone version of the tablet water mode with all menu info on the phone screen.

Table Allocation - Shows each table, occupancy and the current order total.

All with full printing support for kitchen, bar and receipt printers. Screen backgrounds and logos are fully customisable and you can work with as few or as many of these modes as you wish.

To complement our SmoothMenu product we now have added SmoothSigns (digital signage) a product that can help enhance your presence to your clientele, Smooth Signs can be used for all manner of Digital presentations, from replacing your specials board to advertising forth coming events and specials.

Visit SmoothMenu on stand 3144 or visit for further information.

SmoothSigns -

Wherever you are in the world, SmoothSigns Studio lets you control your digital presentations across all your SmoothSigns Player devices.

Online with immediate update of published presentations and offline with our smart caching system - your presentations never go down due the loss of internet; your presentations automatically update when internet service returns.

You can always login, access your presentations and make them available to your devices 24x7x365.

For example: you can update your specials board as when required, advertise Mother`s Day deals and Father`s Day deals along with Christmas dinner and many more ways you could use SmoothSigns to help your establishment.

Besides restaurants, cafe etc where else could SmoothSigns be used:
Corporate Branding.
Product Marketing.
Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants, diners, cafes and take-a-way's.
Notice Boards for schools, colleges, Universities, staff rooms and many more.
Exhibition and Trade shows.

Key Features:
Timed running of adverts/presentations and slides - time of day, day of week, special dates.
Fully working off-line mode.
Low cost entry point - suitable for standard TV`s and video walls.
SmoothSigns Player sold as device only (add your own screen), and with screens
Import PowerPoint presentations - tens of thousands available on the internet.
Lifetime tech support.

Technical Information:
SmoothSigns Player - Android Wi-Fi device to attach to any size screen.
Update adverts/presentations from Cloud web console (SmoothSigns Studio).
Horizontal and vertical modes supported.
Drag and drop designer - supports HTML5 and CSS3.
Video streaming, Live TV, RSS feeds, Weather, Images and Text.
Touch screen support.

For more information visit SmoothMenu on stand 3144 or visit for further information.

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