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Spoonfed Catering Management Software makes handling corporate catering orders simple.

Focusing on corporate catering can provide a valuable secondary revenue stream for retail and restaurant chains, but you need the right system to avoid the problems that scaling can introduce. Spoonfed lets you expand your business, while reducing your stress.

Our software has beginning-to-end functionality, from customer online ordering, to automated production and delivery sheets, to simple invoicing. By reducing manual tasks and eradicating errors, Spoonfed makes it possible to expand corporate catering revenues while improving customer service.

Spoonfed gives your customers peace of mind - they can see allergen information and make order notes as they place an order online. They can edit their choices at any time, or reorder a meal they enjoyed months before. You and your customers automatically receive an email when an order is confirmed. And their preferences are stored so that nothing is forgotten.

Behind the scenes, it's once an order is in the system that the real power of Spoonfed is visible. Geo-location ensures that orders are allocated to the correct branch, for restaurants using Spoonfed in multiple sites. That means no more transferring orders between sites, risking the introduction of errors. No more orders scribbled on pieces of paper, to be lost or misconstrued, something that still happens in a surprising number of kitchens.

Using automated production sheets to aggregate items in the kitchen avoids waste, and with the system transferring important order notes at every stage, everything is made the way the customer wants it. Then, for deliveries, Spoonfed ensures that the right food goes to the right place at the right time, with automated sheets listing the customer's precise requirements, down to room number and any notes they might have.

When it comes to paying, loyal customers will never be put off by the mess that invoicing can become. With Spoonfed, invoices are no more hassle than if the customer had payed by card, being sent to the right person when they want to receive them.

Finally, with all this information being stored in the cloud, Spoonfed gives restaurants a wealth of data about customer and menu behaviour. Actionable insights that are updated in real time, letting you take control of your business.

Spoonfed will revolutionize the way you work, improving the service that you offer your customers, encouraging them to keep coming back to you for their corporate catering.

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