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Sthaler Ltd

Fingopay replaces the need for PINs and passwords and remove the need to carry cash or bank cards.

They allow consumers to pay for goods and services, to gain entry to events and to manage payments online using just a finger.

The Fingopay reader builds a 3D map of veins within a finger, creating a natural personal key. Each finger is unique to each of us. The chance that two people have the same vein structure is 3.4 billion-to-1. Fingopay has better recognition technology than iris recognition and is much more socially active.

There is no higher mathematical certainty of proving someone`s identity so it`s the most secure and convenient way to protect yourself and your data: passwords, bank and card data, tickets to events, boarding passes.

Fingopay conforms to Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards and doesn`t store an individual`s biometric either...

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