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Taplause pioneered the development of a highly secure feedback management application, for organisations to use as a method of collecting feedback from individuals and the masses. The platform provides a streamline way to gather, consolidate and analyse data in real time; action can be taken in seconds from receiving the feedback and the data can be extracted into report format where handled cases can be assessed from the report log. This ensures best practice is monitored and shared within the organisation for a higher level of service.

This is how businesses can adapt a new way of reacting and responding to customer experiences. The application allows an organisation to deal with a huge influx of customers on a daily basis in addition, address and adapt new methods in order to improve customer retention and satisfaction.

The application can be used by managers, directors and stakeholders as well as all levels of employees with each tier of information accessible any time, anywhere online.

With our platform, the end result is favorable for both the customer and the business.

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