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Wallet Circle

Have you ever thought it would be great to run a loyalty programme to reward your customers for their business? Wouldn`t it be even better if that loyalty programme was able to tell you more about your customers?

Well now you can do both! Wallet Circle allows you to create a mobile loyalty card just for your business with your branding and your unique offer. You loyalty card appears on our Wallet Circle mobile app.

We supply you with an iBeacon. It`s a smart little battery powered medallion. When your customer visits your store, your loyalty card automatically appears in the app in proximity to your iBeacon. Touch your iBeacon to your customers` smart phone and a stamp appears.
Customers collect stamps and when they`re ready can redeem rewards.

Best of all, you can gather insight on your customers such as when did they last visit? Or what days and times are most popular? You can then target them with offers to get them coming back or spending more when they do.

To find out more and get a personalised loyalty card for your business, just complete the merchant sign up form on our website or contact us at

Increase sales: Using Wallet Circle`s dashboard you can bring dormant customers back, encourage regulars to spend more and expand your customer base using `refer-a-friend` campaigns

Reward Customers: Reward your loyal customers and make them feel valued

Enhance customer experience: Loyalty cards on a smartphone are easy to carry, hard to forget and environmentally friendly

Get feedback: Request feedback while your customers are in-store. Communicate directly and avoid negative reviews on social media

Secure: Set the time between stamps to avoid abuse of the system

Easy to change: Try different loyalty rewards and change whenever you want

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