5 Ways Restaurants Can Use Digital Signage To Enhance the Customer Experience

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Customers are looking for digital screens and are naturally attracted the to the information they provide. To satiate their need, restaurateurs must look beyond the traditional digital menu board, to provide a rich, multimedia experience. Here’s how:

Amazing offers

Just before your customer is about to purchase is the perfect time to let your special offers out. Use your digital signage displays to remind them of any incentives or deals they can get on specific products or sell them the benefit of going ‘large’ with their order. Not only does this make them feel better about spending their money but it could give you a chance to upsell or promote new products that are in your restaurant.

Be social

If there’s one industry that’s all over social media, it’s the food industry. Use your digital signage and menu displays to bring out the foodie in your customers Display social media feeds such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and encourage social sharing. Even in this digitally-saturated era, customers still get a buzz from seeing their images glorified on the big screen. Your customers will take more pictures of your food. The message will be amplified outside of the walls and to hungry people everywhere. Your job is done.

Build community

Part of the lure of the restaurant community is to entice people to put the phones away, chat and explore the power of human interaction for a few hours of the day. However. Generations under the age of 30 have been born digital. This means that they are used to facilitating relationships, friendships, giving feedback and asking for advice online. As naturally as someone would have filled in a written feedback form 10 years ago. Using live social media displays on the walls of your restaurant gives them a way to do this and could even build community between your current patrons. If they’re going to swap tips about milkshake flavor, the best starters and where’s good to go after anyway, why not help them to do it where you can see it?

Provide personality

The beauty of many of our favorite independent restaurants is that they radiate personality. This adds another flavor to the aura of dining out and gives people a reason to return. Use your restaurant signage displays to showcase this personality. Introduce your staff members and their favorite menu recommendations. Show off the afternoon where you went on an archeological dig for charity. Tell them random facts about the farmers you buy your meat from. Personality is what brings life to your menus and products. Screens are the vehicles on which to showcase it.

Out of date content – never again!

Up to date digital menu boards and signs allow you be more relevant with your content. This means tailoring the experience the customer receives depending on time of day, day of week, time of year and so on. This means no more flipping your static boards over from breakfast to lunch. Using our playlist function you can setup and schedule your content based on settings such as time of day or day of week. 

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