Chris Cooper


Chris Cooper - CEng, Chief Technology Officer & KnowNow & Co-Creator of Consentua.

Consentua is from KnowNow Information a Smart Cities IT Innovation company and Chris is the innovation and technology lead. KnowNow are citizen centric & privacy by design advocates. From their latest innovation ‘Consentua’; through to their membership of the City Standards Institute promoting smart city standards; plus, as active participants in the EU Smart Cities & Communities - Citizen Centric Cities Action Cluster.

Chris is responsible for the end-to-end engineering and technology design. A Chartered Engineer with 20 years IT experience and a graduate social scientist.

Prior to setting up KnowNow, Chris was previously the Smart Cities Technical leader at IBM UK Ltd. He was part of the team that created the PAS181 Smart City Interoperability Framework standard for British Standards Institute. A rugby referee in the winter months and a frustrated sailor in the summer months.

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Delivering that ‘Rock Star Experience’ whilst giving customers choice & control and still be GDPR compliant.

The new data protection regulation (GDPR) is viewed by some as pain, more regulation to deal with. Actually, it is the opposite. GDPR is an opportunity for business to better know their customers. GDPR is also a chance for organisations to improve the trust between their customers and their brand. How can you improve your service delivery, improve brand trust, whilst at the same time as meeting new regulatory obligations? The answer is to embrace GDPR and request from customers the data you need from them about them so you can deliver the best possible hospitality. Chris will outline the new opportunity to be gained and where the potential benefits can be realised across the hospitality industry. Plus give an example of how this opportunity can be realised.