Danny Girnun

Merchant Money

Small businesses across the UK are struggling to raise the funding they need to grow their business. Fortunately, new, agile fin-tech companies such as Merchant Money have stepped in, providing restaurants with easy-access finance on flexible terms.

Danny has partnered with scores of restaurants across the UK, overseeing their growth from new entrants to major players. Since they launched Merchant Money in 2013, he has helped countless small businesses in finding the right funding for their business.

In 2015, Merchant Money introduced a revolutionary new finance product– pay as you trade (PAYT) cash advances. This finance facility is specifically designed for restaurants that accept card payments and are looking for funding. The beauty of this product is that you repay at your own pace, as repayments are based on future card transactions.

Before moving to the UK, Danny worked for Transaction Capital where he was involved in its African specialised lending operations.

At Merchant Money, Danny has found the perfect balance between high-tech risk assessment technology and personal evaluations. ‘’We use technology to predict success, but we like to keep thing personal and real.’’

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