Mr Yousaf Shah


Yousaf Shah is the founder and CTO of DataTherapy and Platopus Systems Limited, and is a 30+ year veteran of the software industry. He has championed the cause for great software and straight-thinking data within the food-to-go and restaurant industries for over 15 years.

DataTherapy have delivered cloud solutions for retail since 2001, and their Platopus Platform delivers fully branded multi-user, multi-location apps and business systems which have powered businesses such as Pret A Manger, Leon, Itsu and Bill’s Restaurants, helping them to grow and manage information effectively.

Yousaf has an Honours degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Sheffield and is a regular speaker at tech conferences, Yousaf is known for his ''Keep it Simple'' mantra as well as his deep knowledge of all things related to multi-user business systems and the cloud.

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Make the cloud work for your Restaurant

Apps and the cloud have become pervasive in our new digital world yet many restaurants have struggled to move beyond using email to get data out to and back from their restaurants and teams. In this seminar you will learn how to fully harness today’s technology to put business information in the pockets of your team, to keep documents and information in Restaurants up-to-date, and to instantly capture and collate files, photos, restaurant assessments, food quality reviews and data from all your locations.