Peter Lukes


I started my career as a research chemist at a time when you booted your PC from a floppy drive. A chance meeting with an Italian businessman led to a change in career and an introduction to networking. Following a period working as an IT services consultant, I started Wanstor in 2002. The companies USP was our proactive approach to IT services and IT support in general. The premise was a fundamental belief that when things went wrong, they did so for a reason, and in the vast majority of cases, a programme of proactive preventative maintenance was able to eliminate the root cause of failure. Wanstor has grown year on year and now employs 130 staff specialising in delivering proactive IT services.

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Delivering a great restaurant experience in the “Digital Age”

Senior executives at restaurant companies need to assess the impact of “Digital” across their entire business. In this seminar we will cover business and IT challenges restaurant organisations are facing in the Digital Age. We will share Wanstor’s IT infrastructure strategy for restaurant companies, which helps to deliver a better customer dining experience, supports business operations and empowers staff across your organisation.