Ross Musgrove

Emerging Payments Association

I’ve always been fascinated with how things work and understanding why they work the way they do. Now I help organisations understand their customers and employees – their needs, their expectations, what motivates them – and how they interact with products and services. This insight is the key to engagement, which unlocks the capacity to protect and grow revenues. I focus on research, analysis and product development and I’ve helped sole problems for a big four supermarket, one of the world''s leading multidisciplinary research universities, an AIM-listed digital marketing platform and the most influential trade body in emerging payments.

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Helping the hospitality industry enhance payment and data security

In a recent hospitality study, respondents indicated enhancing payment and data security was a top strategic goal in 2017. In this session, the Retail PayTech Forum - created by the Emerging Payments Association to help merchants navigate the changing consumer payments landscape – will break down the components that will help deliver that strategic goal.