Samir Khadepaun


Samir Khadepaun is the founder and CEO of Mobikon, a leading customer engagement platform focused on the Hospitality and Retail industry. A bachelor from PCIT and Monash University, Samir is as passionate about Mobile Technologies as he is about being a foodie. A serial entrepreneur at heart, he has always been impassioned about Mobile Technologies, SaaS-based product solutions, Start-Ups in Hospitality, Retail and E-Commerce.

Samir founded Mobikon in late 2008, and has successfully taken the company from being a nascent organization to the apex market leader. Today, 8 years since its inception, Mobikon is committed to its vision of being a leading player in Customer Engagement & Digital Marketing for the hospitality industry across India, South East Asia and Australia. Mobikon, today, has grown to a team of 50+ people with offices across Singapore & India and over 1.8 million customers engaged on the platform.

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