Technology Innovation Awards

Technology Innovation Awards

The Technology Innovation Awards celebrates the innovation and groundbreaking technology to have made an outstanding impact on the food and hotel industry in the past 12 months.

With four awards up for grabs, the nominees are those who have a product or service that is helping restaurants, hotels, and bars, serve more customers than ever before.

Our nominees will compete within their categories to make the best pitch of the session and earn the title of ''Innovator'', with the winner being announced at the end of each session. It`s a great opportunity for our nominees to boast to our judges why they are the most innovative, but our Innovations Awards are also a fantastic spectator event. Every pitch is made in front of a live audience and with the stakes so high, it makes for an exciting spectacle. Not only is it an entertaining break from the bustle of the show floor, but our Innovation Awards is also a unique opportunity for the audience to pick up tips for when they're ready to step up and change the industry.

You can find the awards taking place on Stand 8100

 • Digital Marketing Award - Tuesday at 11:30pm
 • Tech Product of the Year - Tuesday at 15:30pm
 • Business Innovation Award - Wednesday at 12:00pm
 • Customer Experience Award - Wednesday at 14:30pm

Digital Marketing Award

Tech Product of the Year

Customer Experience Award

Business Innovation Award

Digital Marketing Award

An award recognising the innovator who has created a digital marketing service which is transforming the way food businesses engage with their customers and attract new ones.

  • VIP Worldwide

    VIP Worldwide

    Stand No: 4089

  • Videotree


    Stand No: 7084

  • VideoPoster


    Stand No: 3120

  • TouchHits Music Solutions

    TouchHits Music Solutions

    Stand No: 8174

  • Entr - a Digitonic product

    Entr - a Digitonic product

    Stand No: 7136

  • Ergo Concepts

    Ergo Concepts

    Stand No: 7172