Mobile and Tablet ‘Customer Facing Technology’

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More and more restaurants are now using tablets and iPads as electronic point of sale systems, decreasing waiting times and making queues a thing of the past, ensuring a quicker table turn, and efficient payment process, and reducing ordering errors.

These customer facing devices are going a long way in improving the experience of their guests. Below are three ways in which EPoS is being used in an increasing number of restaurants.

Tablets are being implemented to enable menu browsing, drink ordering, and payments in a quick and simple manner.

Increasing numbers of self-service ordering kiosks are being found in fast-food restaurants (most notably McDonald's) to enable customers to order and create their meals the way they like.

Order-fulfilment devices are used by the restaurant staff in order to quicken service time and ensure that customer orders are correctly customised, meaning customers get exactly what they want!