Irin Maini / Vishaal Vadher

Viva App Ltd

Founder of VIVA app. An ordering and payments – data analytics app created to better service the bar industry and customers.

Viva is a streamlined ‘on the go’ bar service, allowing users to browse the menu of bars, order drinks,split the bill, redeem promotions and discover new venues within their vicinity. It also offers a detailed analytics system which allows venues to understand better who their customers are and identify customer’s spending habits in bars.

The aim of the app is to enhance the customer experience. Why wait for drinks when you can order from your smartphone and have them ready for you at the bar or brought directly to your table? It will also allow the bars to better service their customers, in turn increase the number of drinks ordered by customers and in essence increase revenues for the bar

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Mobile payments & Technological innovations within the bar industry

Discuss how mobile payments and data will shape the future of the bar industry along with enhancing speed and efficiency within the bars. Discuss how consumer behaviour is shifting and consumers are becoming more used to payments on mobile phones. Discuss the value of data to bars and a short discussion on EPOS & stock control / management systems.