John Abbott


John Abbott is Director of Business Growth Partnerships at Yoti, a global technology company whose aim is to be the world’s trusted identity system. As a member of the senior management team, John is responsible for driving engagement in Yoti’s solutions and forming partnerships with businesses, governments and charities.

After starting in brand management in the early growth phase of Red Bull, John followed this with a 16-year, varied business career at leading global consultancies including Accenture and PwC.

He gained substantial experience at the highest levels of FTSE 100/250, developing and maintaining strong C-suite level relationships. Working across retail, supply chain, financial services, health, automotive, central government, educations, and technology.

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Faster, safer, easier ID verification.

We can board planes, watch TV and buy stuff with our phones but we still have to carry paper ID documents. It just doesn’t make any sense. Imagine a world where your customers had their IDs on their phones. Door staff wouldn’t need to worry about fake IDs. You wouldn’t need to spend your Monday mornings trying to track down owners of lost IDs. You could even let your customers pour themselves a beer – no need for your staff to check their ID because your customer can prove their ID to the pump with their phone. Magic. Yoti is your ID on your phone and a global identity platform that lets businesses verify their customers’ identities in seconds. We have teamed up with DrinkCommand and Deltic group to make the future of self-service age verification a reality today.