John Staunton

Countr POS

John is the CEO of Shopper Concepts BV (trading as Countr Point of Sale), which he co-founded in March 2013 – the company is now active in 127 countries, with over 4200 registered retailers on board. He is a former Strategist with Accenture Netherlands and Business Intelligence expert with Accenture UK. Holder of an undergrad degree in Electronic Engineering, a Masters in Spacecraft Technology and Satellite Communications and an MBA from INSEAD, he has worked in multiple industries on all stages of the project development lifecycle. In the past he interned at NASA in the US and in investment banking at HSBC, he was an Accenture Management Consulting Business Intelligence & Analytics lead, is a Chartered Engineer (C. Eng.) and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). John is Irish and has lived and worked in The Netherlands for the past 5 years – prior to that, he lived in London, New York, Singapore and Paris.

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The future of (omnichannel) retail

How will the retail / hospitality experience change in the coming years, and how will new technologies accelerate and define these changes? How do the principles of omnichannel retail apply to the hospitality sector? How can businesses position themselves to take maximum advantage of new developments?