Vincent Mckevitt

CEO and Founder - Tossed

Vincent founded Tossed in 2005 straight out of Uni, with no experience (bar working in McD’s at college), no investors (just a bunch of credit cards), but with a passion for healthy eating. One of the early pioneers of the healthy eating trend, Tossed were the first company in the space to put nutritional info on their made in store products. Vincent and his team have since grown Tossed to 26 sites including both Westfield shopping centres, 6 Welcome Break sites and 3 sites in Dubai. Tossed recently launched Europe’s first completely cashless and till less restaurant on custom built tablet software that they have been building for 18 months.

Vincent is interested in new technologies behind food and hospitality, especially around healthy eating and anything that makes running a restaurant simpler.

When not working, Vincent likes to keep fit and healthy by hitting the gym, cycling and running.

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From 6 to 21 Tills - Lessons learnt from a cashless store

Vincent will talk about the problems he faced in that customisable food can be slow to produce, the solution, utilising new technology and lessons learnt along the way.