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BT Wi-fi

Say hello to BT Wi-fi, the UK`s first and largest public wi-fi provider with over 5 million hotspots. With more than a decade of experience and over 400,000 installations across some of the world`s biggest brands, BT know just how fundamental wi-fi is to delivering an excellent customer experience. But most importantly, they understand that it isn`t about simply having wi-fi, it`s about having the best wi-fi possible.

Having your own wi-fi service not only gets more people through your door, it keeps them coming back. For example, we know that over 60% of people search for a wi-fi hotspot when drinking and dining out, and nearly 40% of customers would visit a food and drink outlet again if it had wi-fi (ICM, 2013).

And with BT Wi-fi Insight, you can get to know your customers better, showing you how your venue can work harder to meet your customers` needs. BT Wi-fi`s analytics tool takes your physical space into the digital age by mapping wireless devices in the vicinity of your premises and turning this into valuable insight. With this deeper understanding of customers` behaviour, you can improve your customers` experience, keeping them engaged and keen to return.

BT Wi-fi provides great coverage throughout your premises, and a smooth implementation. And once we`ve installed your network we`ll monitor and manage it from our 24/7 operations centre, to make sure your customers get a great experience.

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