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Food Safe System

Created By Chefs, For Chefs. Food Safe System is the complete digital compliance system.

Created by Chef and restauranteur, Neil Bradley, Food Safe System is the first and only stand alone App to completely digitise find safety records for food service.
We get rid of paper copies, endless files and missing records and replace them an intuitive system that documents all of your food safety procedures accurately, easily and in some cases automatically.
Missing or inaccurate food safety records can have a devastating effect on your business, at best downgrading your hard fought hygiene rating, at worst hiding potentially business closing hygiene breaches.
Food Safe System provides a robust and easy to use process consisting of a mobile app for quick updating and filling in of hygiene checks,
Wireless temperature sensors that automatically monitor and record your cooling unit temperatures, which will also alert you if a unit fails or a power outage, potentially saving thousands of pounds of lost stock and man hours.
Bluetooth food probes that accurately and automatically record food temperatures at delivery, cooking and serving, ensuring consistency and safety.
Cloud based back up system where records can be accessed quickly from anywhere, which pinpoints issues before they become food safety problems.

Food Safe System gives chefs more time to cook, managers more time with their customers and customers more confidence in your business.

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