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If you have slow communication between waiters, kitchens, bar and diners at any time it causes frustrated customers and can lead to reduced profits, ratings and poor customer retention.

For the restaurant:
The Ordinii solution reduces waiting time, bottlenecks and payment hassles with instant comms, auto service monitoring with calls to action, and instant pay availability from the table. This in turn leads to best practice efficiencies, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Using familiar mobile and smart technologies, the restaurant can easily;
Streamline internal communications
Bring their menu to life
• Visuals with the right message at the right time increase orders
• Automated prompts mean never missing upsell opportunities
Reduce errors and empower staff with information
Automated service tracking drives down costs, improves efficiencies and increases revenues
Improve table turnover and reduce staff overheads
Realtime displays by table with colour coding for ease of reference
Synchronise front of house to backend systems
Get new insights into restaurant performance and customer habits
Minimal IT infrastructure/impact reducing costs

For the Diner:
Find available tables in local restaurants from the app, plus any deals on offer
View, Order and Pay from your phone in advance or on-site
See the progress of orders through the bar/kitchen - no wondering where the food is
Remove frustrations and waiting times
Enjoy a better dining experience

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