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Established in 2009, SIS Digital has grown rapidly to become one of the leading suppliers of LED and LCD digital screen solutions in the country. We provide a full turnkey service - design, manufacture, installation and maintenance - in the UK, across Europe and around the world. You`ll be working with an experienced, specialist company, with a single, professional point of contact, from initial concept to successful completion. In the UK, our screens are viewed by over 50 million people a week. You`ll see them in a wide variety of locations - roadside, retail, restaurants and property - but they always have two important things in common - outstanding picture quality and the ability to communicate powerful, memorable messages, directly to customers. To ensure SIS Digital solutions are the very best, we employ a team of scientists and technicians in Hong Kong who work at the cutting edge of the fast-moving world of screen technology. Our free-thinking approach, communications expertise and understanding of the increasingly important role of digital screens in business and society in general, means that, whether you`re in advertising, sales, marketing, or PR, we can help you to find the best screens and solutions to fit your strategy and budget.

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