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Since 2009, Weblib has been digitalizing retail spaces across all sectors of retail. With the 2010 arrival of the iPad, Weblib moved to specialising in deploying Apple`s tablets in retail spaces and developed its landmark solution Tab inStore, allowing remote tablet management and monitoring via ControlTower, (our dedicated back-office) for some of the world`s largest retailers such as Total and McDonald`s. In 2012 Weblib developed a superior remote management platform for tablets using Android technology and Samsung tablets for McDonald`s in Europe and the USA, again setting a new industry standard. In setting up devoted wifi networks for these tablets along with free public wifi hotspots, Weblib saw an opportunity for customer engagement and data gathering via wifi and moved to develop SmartWifi, a pioneering solution allowing brands to perform social media marketing via wifi. Weblib also continues a strong tradition of application development and specific projects for its largest customers. Weblib has over 1,000,000 unique users of its services per month and is present in 23 countries with 43 of the world`s most internationally recognisable brands.
Weblib will be presenting SmartWifi at Restaurant Technology Live 2016, a customer-facing wifi solution for retail spaces which allows customers to sign-in to wifi using their Facebook credentials (or Google+, Twitter etc), so that retailers can engage them in new and exciting ways, thereby extending the in-store brand experience.
SmartWifi allows brands to collect visitor metrics for brick-and-mortar locations such as visit duration, walk-bys, and new/return visitor ratios. Brands send adapted content such as marketing videos, links and targeted coupons to their customers` smartphones according to their Facebook profile.

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